• Duo-Connector
  • Duo-Connector


VAT included

Different thread sizes and outer contours

Size: M52 x 0,75


The DUO-Connector has an internal thread (different sizes) with which it is screwed onto the clip-on device. An integrated counter prevents unwanted twisting of the attachment. No additional lock nut is required.

The DUO-Connector can be combined with all different sizes of Base-Clamps. This allows you to use the clip-on device on all weapons equipped with Base-Clamps.

The DUO-Connectors are made out of high-quality aluminum and protected against corrosion and wear by a hard anodized layer.

For the Night Spotter Evo you need the DUO-Connector M52x0.75 mm and the intermediate ring that is included with the device. If the intermediate ring is not included, please order item number: AR NS

For HIKmicro Thunder TE19C; TH35 and Pro TQ 50C you need the DUO-Connector M52x0.75 mm and our connector item number: AR HM

For Pulsar Forward FN455 you need the DUO-Connector M52x0.75 mm and an intermediate ring, please contact our sales this for.


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high quality aluminum
black anodized

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