DUO-Connector for Pulsar Core (improvment solution)

VAT included

Simple, precise, repeatable and flexible.

All this is offered by the retrofit solution Prcise-Hunting multi-adapter matching your Pulsar Core clip on device.

We show function and handling in detail in our YouTube video.

This solution offers you the following package:

- Duo-Connector for Pulsar Core

- Adapter ring for Pulsar Core

- Assembly at our fcilitiees


Proceed in four steps:

1. Shop order


2. Shipping your Pulsar Core tot he following adress:

    Weigl Metall GmbH

    Ehekirchene Strasse 20

    86669 Königsmoos


3. Assembling the ring at our facilities


4. Shipping back to you.

Exclusion of liability:
The assembly is carried out with the utmost care by our specialists. In incoming goods, only a visual inspection for damage to the core in the delivery condition can be carried out. We therefore reject any claims for damages in the event of hidden errors/damage to the core.