Adapter Ring for HIKmicro TE19C/ TH35/ Pro TQ 50C

VAT included

The HIKmicro Thunder TE19C; TH35 as well as the Pro TQ 50C has a bayonet fitted with a ring nut behind. Our adapter ring is first inserted into this bayonet and fastened with the ring nut.

Our HIKmicro adapter ring is equipped with an M52x0.75 thread. This allowes the installation of a DUO-Connector DV 52.

This adapter ring is made out of high-quality aluminum and protected against corrosion and wear by a hard anodized layer.

The following parts are required:

- Adapter ring for HIKmicro (Art-Nr.: AR HM)

- DUO-Connector M52x0,75 (not included!)