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Adapter attachment, presentation of new patent, one for all scopes

Here you can find out directly from the developer what he thought about the adapters & how they are designed. See for yourself!

Adapter attachment, structure in detail

Detailed description of the MAV adapter for mounting attachments, night vision or thermal imaging on a rifle scope.

Multi-adapter for Pulsar Krypton, Pulsar FN455, InfiRay CH50, and HIKMicro Thunder

Presentation of the new multi-adapter solutions. For Pulsar Krypton, Pulsar FN455, InfiRay CH50 and HIKMicro Thunder.

Installation instructions for the multi-adapter riflescope attachment

Detailed video description for mounting the multi-adapter on the riflescope and on the attachment.

Adapter attachment Pulsar Core (retrofit solution)

Presentation of the multi adapters for the Pulsar Core.

Secure the attachment against twisting with a counter nut

How the attachment is permanently secured against twisting during handling with a slotted lock nut.